Paintbrush used in creation of Reflections



My art reflects the landscapes that surround me. I am interested in the interactions I have with nature and how these experiences potentially speak more broadly to how humans connect with the outdoors today. I am constantly questioning whether I am separate from my environment or integrated within it. From this premise I explore my perceptions of nature and I consider how images - whether paintings, photographs, or even everyday postcards - may articulate or blur what we truly experience. My own experience of nature is multifaceted and complex. Therefore, I combine a range of mixed media materials in an effort to filter the different lenses through which I experience the world around me. 

An important aspect of my work is about the process behind the art, and I aim to share the creative process that goes largely unseen to the public. My own painting process starts as methodical and transitions to be loose, gestural, and spontaneous over the duration of a project. It is about every small step that leads me to the final project, the steps that gradually build the integrity of the finished piece. By using alternative surfaces - such as paintbrushes, tubes of paint, and palette knives - to form a canvas, I am working to confront the idea that art is not solely the product left hanging on the wall.